Happy Home Challenge: Indoor Plants


Ya’ll winter can be brutal. Being cooped up inside is the worst when you have at least one high energy kid, which I do. We’ve been trying to get outside, even when it’s cold, but I am only an outdoor person when it is 75 degrees and slightly cloudy with a breeze. Right? There is one thing I do love about being outside though, and it is the plants. Guys, I bought a plant to put inside my house.

If you haven’t guessed, I don’t have a great track record with plants or gardening, but I want to try again. So I have one single plant and actually, I think I’m in love with it. My daughter Sadie has been helping me water it and she is all about it. It’s a reward for her to be able to water the plant. Maybe she will be a great botanist one day and it will all have started with this plant. My plant is a Pothos plant but we should definitely name it. Kermit. I’m calling it Kermit because it’s green. Why not?

It is so nice to come into my living and see a bit of green life that is just… calm. This life isn’t running around, it isn’t constantly begging me for things, it doesn’t whine. It is just there to be with me and all it needs is a little water and sunlight here and there. Maybe I’m becoming a plant lady. I can’t be a cat lady, or really a pet lady, so maybe I’ll be a plant lady.

I think a plant is a great way to put some calm life into your house in the winter. I highly recommend it. And from what I understand, this plant is supposed to be an easy one to take care of, so if you are like me and just learning about plants and gardening, or maybe you’re just not too good at it, I would look into a Pothos plant. Here’s a book that can help you look into and decide what kind of plants you want in your house.

I have big goals for the plants in my house. My next one will be an Aloe Vera plant, I think. I want to make another blog post about taking care of a few easy-to-care-for plants so I will be adding some to my collection (can I call it a collection if it is just one plant?) over the next several weeks.

I want to know what kinds of plants you like to keep in your house and any tips you might have for me as I try to take care of this one!


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